Medium Christmas Hamper – Gluten Free



Contains: 1 box of 10 Truffles, 1 box of Christmas Spice Biscuits, 1 box of 3 Mince Pies plus 1 box of Mince Pie Brownies

Why are our Truffles so good? Well, just bite in to one and enjoy a silky smooth truffle with a difference. They are not your usual ball of chocolate, they are a delicious soft cake (with or without alcohol) covered in silky chocolate. Pure indulgence!

Our Christmas biscuits are an explosion of flavours. They have a hint of spice, dipped in chocolate and they melt in the mouth.

Our mince pies are all hand made to my own recipe. As you take a bite, the pastry just melts in the mouth and then you get an explosion of flavours, from all the good fruit that I use. No added sugar or additives.

Our Christmas mulled wine brownies are decadent, should be eaten slowly to enjoy all the flavours as they explode in your mouth.